Presenting your work to the world is no small thing.

Your passion, expertise, professionalism and everything that goes into your photography deserves respect. From start to finish. No compromises.

That is why we take binding and finishing your work so seriously. We do not want you to choose a book finish that will not set you apart, we do not want you to feel that your books have to look like everyone else’s books.

We also understand that you need to set yourself apart in a progressively more competitive market. Clients want to know that they will not only be getting an album, they want a work of art.

And that is why we give you the option of telling us what you want. The Keepsake Collection started out with exactly that in mind. I, as the owner of this company, have a decade of professional photography behind me. I understand the passion and sacrifice that goes into your work. I understand that mediocre printing just wont cut it. And I understand that you need to be able to offer your clients a bespoke end product.

And that is why I started, after a very long journey of sacrifice, training, learning and patience, to produce our own books for our photography company.

And now I am happy to extend the option of having amazing books to you – a fellow photographer and artist.

I understand that you would like to see the same passion go into your books, and I would love to offer you the commitment of myself and all involved in this company in this regard.

I still continue to build the company with the same values as I had when I started on this amazing journey of bookbinding and print finishing. Quality, attention to detail, respect for materials, respect for clients and a personal touch to all that we do. Principles that I learnt over the past twenty years of being a professional classical guitarist also guide me – patience, respect for the old arts, respect for the masters.

And these principles determine most of what we do at the Keepsake Collection.

It would be an honour to go on a bookmaking journey with you!



Our speciality is thin page fine art books – amazing representations of the quality work that you do. These books are printed on fine art paper stock and gives you the option of putting from 30 to 140 or more pages in a book. Only archival materials are used. They look and feel great. The difference is easy to see.

The design process does not need to be daunting as we have partnered with Pixellu Smart Albums – an amazing software company that enables you to design stunning, flawless albums in a much shorter time span. Software such as Album Stomp and other software can also be of great help.


We also produce stunning, high quality lay flat books. These books are made only with the best materials and are 100% hand made with a focus on precision. Only archival materials are used. We have tried to be competitive in our pricing with these books, but quality comes at a price and we are not willing to compromise.


We produce hand sewn blank page albums. We can either add the printed photo’s for you or you can add them yourselves. Both the pages of the book and the photos are paper stocks of your choice. These books can be larger than A3 and can therefore accommodate A3 portrait or landscape images. These albums are seen as the cream of the crop in photography circles.


Photographers can talk to us about how they want to package their products. We have a wide skill set with regards to packaging. We also have a wide network of suppliers who can provide us with bespoke packaging solutions. Tell us what you want and we will make sure that you get it!